Lindy Hop Workshop mit Vork. mit Angela Andrew und Lennart Westerlund – 12.-14. April 2019

12 Apr 2019 - 00:00

Workshop für Tänzer*innen mit Vorkenntnissen aus regelmäßigem Lindy Hop Unterricht seit 1,5 Jahren und länger, präsentiert von der New Swing Generation und der Swingwerkstatt

Die Anmeldung öffnet am So., 10.3. um 20 Uhr.
Link zur Anmeldung:

New Swing Studio, Boschstraße 15d

Teilnahmegebühr pro Level und Person
40 € inklusive der Party am Freitag im Metropolis und inklusive der Round Table Discussion am Sonntag

Angela Andrew (London)

Foto: Gordon Ayres

A veteran on the London and international jazz dance scene, born and raised in Hackney east London, a background in youth and community work, experience in different dance styles and community settings. Invited as consultant to festivals worldwide, she also mentors and trains new teachers, supporting their professional development. She is ‘Madrinha’ (patron) to Maputo Afro Swing Dance Company in Mozambique.

Angela recently showcased her new spoken word performance piece at Chisenhale Dance Space in collaboration with Othella Dallas, 93-year-old former principal dancer of the Katherine Dunham Company.

Lennart Westerlund (Stockholm)

Lennart represents an old-school Harlemish approach on how to dance Lindy Hop. He had the opportunity to hang out with and learn from many of the oldtimers (Al Minns, Frankie Manning) back in New York in the 1980s as well as the 1990s. This experience including the close study of old dance film clips has given him an obviously vernacular and rhythm bound connection to swing dancing.

Level A Teilnahmevoraussetzung:
Du nimmst seit 1,5-2,5 Jahren regelmäßig  Lindy Hop Unterricht und verfügst über sichere Lead- bzw.  Follow-Skills. Du tanzt sichere Basics und Variationen wie: Swingout und Variationen (Inside-, Outside-Turn, Texas-Thommy), Lindy-Circle, Promenade und Variationen, side-by-side und Back-Charleston mit Variationen, Jig-Walks, 6-count Moves wie Tuck-Turn, Block-Turn und Change-Place-Varianten. Du kannst noch das eine oder andere mehr und alles bis zu Musik mit 38-40 Takte / Min.

Level B Teilnahmevoraussetzung:
Du hast 2,5-4 Jahre Lindy Hop Tanzerfahrung mit regelmäßigem Unterricht und Vorkenntnisse wie bei Level A. Dein Repertoire enthält weitere Moves, du kannst Footworkvariationen und Rhythmusvariationen einbauen und kannst Akzente der Musik adaptieren. Tempi bis 40-44 Takte / Min. sind kein Problem für dich. Du hast Erfahrungen von internationalen Workshops.

Level C Teilnahmevoraussetzung:
Du hast 4+ Jahre Lindy Hop Tanzerfahrung mit Vorkenntnissen entsprechend Level B. Außerdem kannst du Impulse deines Tanzpartners, deiner Tanzpartnerin aufnehmen und umsetzen, auf die Musik improvisieren und Swingouts & Co. sicher auf schnelle Tempi (48 Takte / Min. und mehr) durchziehen. Du tanzt „intermediate advanced“ oder „advanced“.

Samstag, 13.4.
Level A 13-15 Uhr
Level B 15.30-17.30 Uhr

Sonntag, 14.4.
Level C 13-15 Uhr
Round Table Discussion mit Angela 15.30-16.30 Uhr

Let’s talk about… Lindy Hop – Consumers, Collaborators, Co-Creators
The Lindy Hop is a phenomenon enjoyed by a global community.
When the dance was created and developed, it was during a time of great social upheaval in the United States of America. It was a reflection of a time of decadence for some and extreme poverty for others, in an atmosphere of racial segregation and violence. Despite, or perhaps in response to this, the Lindy Hop flourished in local communities, providing a healthy means of self-expression for all who took part.
Fast forward several decades later, the dance is now shared via one or more of following mediums: festivals, parties, competitions, documentaries, films, YouTube channels etc., which is in contrast to its localised, fairly segregated beginnings.
The festival phenomena, in particular, taking on a whole new identity. What was once a means to learn from elders and experienced teachers to share a somewhat underground passion, has now transformed into a globe-trotting lifestyle for some and FOMO for others.
But Is it really about the dance? Or is there something else at stake? How do these various media develop the dance and how do they promote the ‘dance’.
In the early stages of the Lindy hop, the young black dancers were the co-creators, the nightclub owners the collaborators, and the white patrons the consumers. Is that too much of a simplistic viewpoint? Is it safe to say that festival organisers are creators, and that class attendees are consumers?

As individual members of the Lindy-hop community, what is our position? Or perhaps more subtlety, how have we positioned ourselves within the scene.


Facilitated by Angela Andrew, a veteran on the London and World Lindy Hop scene, has a background in Informal and Community Education and brings her experience from working with grassroots groups and communities to her chosen profession and passion.  Angela considers guardianship of Lindy Hop, and its derivatives, a key component to its longevity as a social, cultural and artistic medium.


Freitag, 12.4.19 Swingmovietalk mit Lennart Westerlund
The roots of the Lindy Hop!

The Lindy Hop came about in Harlem – New York City in the late 20s, early 30s. A few years later, when swing music boomed in the U.S., the Lindy Hop spread all over the country and became a national dance craze. During the 40s, the Lindy Hop reached many countries in Europe, and was often known as Jive, Jitterbug…

This Swingmovietalk will include many vintage film clips and will be performed by Lennart Westerlund from Sweden: dancer, historian and one of the founders of the Lindy Hop revival in the early 80s.

Nach dem Talk Swingtanz!
DJ: Tanzorchester Fabian

20:00 Uhr | 10€ | Metropolis Kino | Kleine Theaterstr. 10
Der Eintritt ist im Workshop-Preis enthalten.

Für alle, die nicht am Workshop teilnehmen:
Online-VVK hier

Samstag, 13.4.19 Dockside Swing mit dem Bandwagon Swing Orchestra aus Stockholm!

Bereits zweimal hat die Band uns eine fette Partynacht im Nochtspeicher beschert – nun folgt die Fortsetzung:
Imagine entering a smokefilled old jazzclub in the 40’s, bootlegged alcohol and fancy hairdoos everywhere, maybe someone’s playing the piano quietly in the background. All of a sudden the smoke clears, you’re in shock: there’s so much swingin’ hot jazzy noise you can’t keep still! Who is making this happen? Suddenly you realize, it’s the Bandwagon Swing Orchestra. JUST DANCE!

The 9 musicians that make up the Bandwagon from Stockholm, Sweden all share a love for swing, hot jazz and making you want to dance your shoes into dust!

Foto: Ida Lundborg
Björn Ottoson – Trombone
Olle Engström – Trumpet
Hanna Elvmyren – Tenor Saxophone
Sofia Asplund – Alto, Soprano & Baritone Saxophone
Karl Zachrisson – Clarinet
Malin Lindell – Vocals & Piano
Johan Nilsson – Drums
Gastón Alberto Apablaza Ochsenius – Guitar & Banjo
Jonas Hellgren – Bass

Join in for the evening!

20:45 Einlass
21:00 Swingtanz-Crashkurs mit der Swingwerkstatt (für Einsteiger, ohne Anmeldung, einfach kommen und mitmachen, mit oder ohne Partner_in!)

15,00 €
12,00 € ermäßigt für Studenten, Schüler
Nur Abendkasse! (Nicht im Workshop-Preis enthalten)

Nochtspeicher, Bernhard-Nocht-Str. 69a